Combat is the Annual Flagship event of the school of management, DG Vaishnav College organized by the Students of the department. Combat aims to showcase the talents of individual as well as groups. With events like Best Manager the focus is on individual ability to excel whereas events like Adzap and product launch focus on group ability and cohesiveness. It also provides a platform for upcoming entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas while focusing on aspects of finance and marketing.

Combat is also an opportunity to showcase the infrastructural advantage, the competitive quality of management education offered and the organizational skills of MBA students of DG Vaishnav college.Since its inception Combat has been a continued success and MBA students from all over the city look forward to the event every year.



Clash of Laywers

Best Manager

IPL Bidding

Stock War

Bussiness Quiz

Product Launch

Case Crackers

Big Boss

Corporate Walk


Monissha MM

Student Co-ordinator

Kishore Samuthiram

Technical Co-ordinator

Shoaib Khan

Sponsorship Co-ordinator

Sangeetha G

Sponsorship Co-ordinator

K Keerthana

Technical Co-ordinator

Purvi D

Content Writer

Let’s Rock.


DGVC School Of Management
833, E.V.R. Periyar High Road,
Arumbakkam, Chennai,
Tamil Nadu 600106.


(+91) 9042173767


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